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Steps for listing your property 
Historic offers you immediate exposure to thousands of potential buyers interested in historic real estate - from projects to complete renovations, from California to the Czech Republic, from farms to warehouses, from cottages to castles.  All properties listed on the site must be fifty years or older.

Our rates are $50 for a listing of your property.  The listing includes 3 photographs and will be online for three months.  Your property will be on our website within 3 business days of receipt of your submitted form and photos. 

An extra page of 6 more photos is available for an additional $25.  The total cost for the two-page listing with up to 9 photos is $75.

A Featured Listing on the Home Page for one week is $150. A Featured Listing will be one of 3 properties cycled on the home page. This fee includes your 3 month basic listing and a second page of photos.  Features are booked well in advance.  You can reserve your date by selecting from available dates at the bottom of the Listing Form. You may also email to request available dates.  

You may pay by check, money order or credit card. Credit card information will be requested after submitting your listing form. If paying by check or money order, send to Historic Properties, P.O. Box 9191, Savannah, GA  31412.

We understand the importance of getting your property on line as soon as possible. For this reason, we work hard to make your listing live before payment is received. By submitting the listing form and sending us images, you acknowledge payment due for services. Please remit within 10 days.  No refunds are given if your property sells or is taken off the market within the listing time period.
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Information required to list your property:

  • City and state where property is located
  • Year built/architectural style
  • Condition of property i.e. project or livable 
  • Type of property: residential, commercial, multi-use
  • Price
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Approximate square footage of building
  • Contact person with phone numbers and email
  • Description of property - it is important that your description include the physical attributes of the building and its history.  Be sure to include the historical significance of the area where located and proximity to scenic or cultural attractions.  We suggest that you cut and paste your description into the description field from a Word or similar document. 
We reserve the right to make editorial changes.

Click here to go to the listing form. All the required fields must be filled in. Click Submit when done. 

Photo Instructions:
Please email us immediately following your listing entry and let us know whether you are sending digital images by email or actual photographs to be scanned.  Please no photocopies – they are not acceptable.

If emailing, send three photos in an attachment. Note the identifier or city/state and contact information.  The best exterior photo of the building should be preferably JPG format measuring at least 684 (width) x 513 (height) pixels.  The other two JPGs should measure at least 684 x 513 - your choice of interior, outbuildings, architectural details or views.  We will resize for you.  Email to:

For the extra page of up to 6 more photos, please send at least 684 x 513 images in an email and note the identifier or the city/state and contact information.

If you have unscanned photos, include your contact information in the mailing and send them to: 
P.O. Box 9191
Savannah, GA  31412

Photos will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Click here to go to the listing form. All the required fields must be filled in. Click Submit when done. 

Your listing will appear online within three business days upon receipt of the images and listing information.

Featured Listing:
If you would like your property to be a Featured Listing on the Home Page, please select Feature as your listing type and select the date you wish on the Listing Form. You may also email us at to request dates.  A Featured Listing will be one of 3 properties cycled on the home page for a one week duration.  The rate for a Featured Listing is $150. The fee includes your 3 month basic listing and a second page of photos. Please email at least 6 but preferably 9 photos for a Featured Listing.

Changes to Listing:
If at any time you would like to make changes to your listing, email us and we will make them at no additional charge.  If you are making substantial text changes, please email revised document.

If you have questions or need more info, please email us at: or

888-507-0501 or 804-387-9908 or 804-387-4903